Release Notes for AceBackup

What is new in version 3.0.2?

  • Custom translations can now be integrated into the user interface.
  • Support of SSL/TLS for sending emails.
  • Support of command line parameter update“; Format: AceBackup.exe -update "<path and name of .nsb file>".
  • A number of other small issues was fixed.

What is new in version 3.0.1?

  • A problem of memory leaks after closing a project was resolved.
  • An error with incorrect handling of excluded file extensions was fixed.
  • A problem of incorrect daylight-saving time offset was corrected.
  • Several user interface issues and minor errors were corrected.

What is new in version 3?

  • AceBackup is now completely compatible with Windows Vista!
  • The usability has been drastically increased. AceBackup can now be used intuitively by everybody.
  • New wizards for backup and restore facilitate working with AceBackup.
  • AceBackup is now able to backup files, although they are used exclusively by other applications on the computer.
  • New backup destination „Network Resource“. This enables you to process backups on network resources and at the same time have the secure authentication.
  • Improved drag & drop of files in a backup project.
  • Support of SMTP servers with SSL/TLS authentication for sending status messages.
  • Many more improvements and extensions!

What is new in version 2.2?

  • Improved compatibility with Windows Vista, in particular the problem with active DEP is solved.
  • Fixed the error with ‘Floating point operation’ during the processing of file deletion.
  • A number of other small issues was fixed.

What is new in version 2.1.6?

  • Improved the panels 'Groups' and 'Details'. They can be docked together - positions and sizes of the panels are remembered.
  • Improved change of the list access key dialog box. Now it is possible to change the hint.
  • Added a new option to print user-defined fields of passwords.
  • Correction of bugs which caused wrong messages when working with write-protected USB sticks.
  • Correction of some minor bugs.

What is new in version 2.1.5?

  • Improved progress dialog: it shows now the elapsed and remaining time, the average speed, file and overall progress, etc.
  • Improved Log Viewer: it is faster now and has a better user interface.
  • Fixed the bug with program crash on updating a large backup (entire disk);
  • Enhanced speed of project opening/closing and other program speed optimizations.
  • Several minor bugs are fixed.

What is new in version 2.1.4?

  • Fixed the bug with collapsing program after succesfull backup;
  • Fixed bug with wrong flag 'Backup Item' value after importing or verifying projects from FTP server;
  • Correction of bug with wrong column captions and other textual improvements.
  • Several minor bugs are fixed;
  • User interface improvements;

What is new in version 2.1.3?

  • Improved user interface with new graphics and enhanced support of Windows XP themes.
  • Correction of bug with the Import Project Wizard displaying in English when the German user interface language was selected.
  • Correction of bug with wrong column captions and other textual improvements.

What is new in version 2.1.2?

  • Correction of bug with Task Manager when using Windows XP SP2.
  • The flag 'Backup Item' can be changed for files/folders in the appropriate 'Properties' dialog box.
  • Correction of bug with adding shared network folders to a project.

What is new in version 2.1.1?

  • Minor improvements and optimizations

What is new in version 2.1?

  • The new Project Manager simplifies your project management (creating new projects, opening existing projects, deleting projects and changing properties).
  • Windows Explorer integration - you can now add files and entire folders to an AceBackup project and process the project from the Windows Explorer context menu by only one mouse-click.
  • Improved support of CD/DVD backup projects: Easily backup your data on CD/DVD. All current CD/DVD-ROMs are supported, the reading and/or writing speed can be modified.
  • Improved New project wizard: All the required project settings are directly specified with predefined and recommended values.
  • With the help of a new dialog box you can specify file name extensions of files that are to be added to your project.
  • New backup format "As Is" - Files are stored to the backup volume without encryption and compression under the same name as on the disk.
  • Improved file encryption/compression - small files of less than 8 MB are encrypted in memory and huge files are encrypted by using a temporary swap file.
  • Customizable location of project and log directories.
  • More flexible email notification: The sent log file may include failed items only or the entire report.
  • Correction of bug which fragmented file names if original file included special characters like e.g. @, `, etc.

What is new in version

  • Explorer integration now available. Add files to AceBackup directly from the Windows Explorer.
  • Correction of problem with scheduled backups on FTP servers.
  • Correction of translation error in the local file view (column titles were displayed in English).
  • Other improvements of CD-RW DLL.
  • Correction of a Shell32.dll bug which had occurred with Windows NT 4.0 when Internet Explorer was not installed.
  • Many other improvements.

What is new in version

  • Program adds a warning to the log file if it cannot process a file which is used by another application/process.
  • Small GUI issues are fixed.

What is new in version 2?

  • Direct Backups on CD and DVD.
  • Simultaneous backup on local storage devices as well as on remote FTP servers.
  • Different compression levels for an AceBackup project are available.
  • External applications that should be executed before or/and after processing an AceBackup can be specified.
  • Strong encryption of files content as well as of file names.
  • Manage several backup volumes in a project file.
  • AceBackup projects may have several volumes with different target locations - simultaneous backup on local storage devices as well as on remote FTP server.
  • New user interface with 3 different themes.
  • Automatic dial-up before connecting to media on a remote FTP server as well as automatic hang-up after disconnection.
  • New function "Smart-Restore".
  • Detailed reports.
  • New tutorial and extended help.
  • Many other improvements and optimizations.

What is new in version

  • Correction of incomplete country list in activation wizard.

What is new in version

  • Correction of installation script issue.
  • Misc. other detail improvements.