Verify project wizard

The Verify project wizard helps you to verify the consistency of the current project.

The wizard adds items that are on the backup volume, but not in the project file.
The wizard removes files that are in the project, but not on the backup volume.

Click the Next button to start verifying. The wizard will synchronize the project, if it finds any difference between the project file and the current content of the project.

HINT: The wizard will not verify, if files are changed on the local system, it verifies only if the files have the same content as in the project. For example, if the files text1.txt, text2.txt, text3.txt are present in the project file and the files text1.txt.nsz, text4.txt.nsz, text5.txt.nsz are present on the volume, after the verifying the files text1.txt, text4.txt, text5.txt are present in the project file, because the wizard removed the files which were not present on the volume, and added those files which could be found on the volume.