Security settings

If you click the Modify button under Encryption in the ... properties dialog box, the Security settings dialog box opens, where you can change the security settings of the current project.

Use this dialog box to change the security settings of the current project. If you wish to change the encryption method and/or the password, enter the old password into the Old password box.

Use the Encryption drop-down list to select a new encryption method, and enter a new password in the New password box. Confirm the new password by re-entering it into the Verify password box.

  1. WARNING: Changes to the encryption method or password will only apply to newly added files. All files that are already stored on your backup volume will keep the old encryption settings. Therefore, restoring files may require different passwords and/or encryption methods. To avoid such situations, it is recommended not to use different passwords and/or encryption methods within the same project.

Mark the Store password checkbox, if you do not wish to enter the password every time you open the project.