Options: Appearance

Select the Appearance tab of the Options dialog box to modify the program appearance.

User interface theme

Here you can change the appearance of AceBackup.

User interface language

You can change the user interface language using the User interface language drop-down list at the bottom of the window. AceBackup currently supports English and German.


Highlighting project items

You can customize the way your project files and folders are highlighted.

First select an item state from the Item state drop-down list:

Then you can choose the color for the selected item state using the Color drop-down list. You can also choose the font style by marking the Bold, Italics, Underline or Strikethrough checkboxes.


Play sounds

To receive an acoustic signal for every single action, check the box and click the button Configure Sounds to define the desired settings.


Show hidden files and folders

Check this option to be able to see hidden files and folders as well.