File versions

With AceBackup you can keep multiple revisions of your files: You can create backup copies of important data and keep track of the revision history of your files.

How does it work?

Normally, if you process an AceBackup project, AceBackup will overwrite older file versions with the new versions. However, if you use the save versions function, AceBackup will preserve the old and the new file version.

Using the save versions function

By default, AceBackup is configured to replace old file versions. To save versions, select the project items and open the Project item properties dialog box. Select Create a new version from the Collision drop-down list. AceBackup will then save new versions of the selected items, instead of replacing the old ones with the new ones.

To set up the default settings of newly added files, select the project and open the Project properties dialog box. Go to the Advanced tab and select Create a new version from the Default action on name collision list.